Matthew 18:5 (Jesus said) Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.

Mateo 18:5 (Nueva Versión Internacional)
»Y el que recibe en mi nombre a un niño como éste, me recibe a mí.

Too often, the plight of the world’s poor children is a disgrace to humanity, and presents stark evidence of the evil that lurks in the human heart.

Many suffer abuse and neglect in families ill equipped and untrained to meet their emotional, spiritual and physical needs. Sometimes they are abandoned to the streets where they may be exploited as slaves, or worse!

God had a different plan for the family; where the father models the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father; where the mother nurtures even as the church nurtures the Believers. The home was to be a secure place where children can be brought up and trained in the ways of righteousness.

We strive to provide a representation of this God authored ideal to children who lack such an environment. Not only for the benefit of the children in our care, but as a witness of God’s plans and purposes for humanity to everyone around us.

It has been necessary to be flexible as the political climate alters what is feasible. We are presently working to recruiting families willing and able to take children into their own homes as foster parents.

We also come along side existing programs for children, often secular, to teach the Bible and mentor where a spiritual component would otherwise be absent.